05-14-20234 Inspiring Companies Share their Stories of Innovation, Episode #201

Our Featured Guests for Sunday, May 14, 2023 are Riki & Oron Franco, Rebecca Birmingham, Petur Olafsson and Anja Skodda

Riki and Oron Franco are passionate grillers and the founders of Prime 6 Charcoal, offering
high density superior performance charcoal that is 100% hardwood with no binders or chemicals. Prime 6 Charcoal burns 2X hotter & 6X longer than traditional charcoal, with 9 lbs being equivalent to two 16 lb bags of regular coal. It is good for the environment and great for all kinds of grills including charcoal, ceramic, smokers, and wood pizza ovens. Prime 6 plants one tree with every purchase. All Prime 6 products are made with their customers and mother nature in mind. It is a mission driven company, woman owned, USDA Certified and a partner to the biggest reforestation organization in the world. Read more at: https://www.prime-six.com/

Rebecca Birmingham is the Ventures Lead, IP & Digital Counsel with Arup and she is also an attorney specializing in Intellectual Property and digital law, having worked as counsel for emerging, high-growth technology companies.Dedicated to sustainable development, Arup is a collective of designers, consultants and experts working across 140 countries. The ventures team has a clear innovation mandate: to explore concepts for new products, digital tools and businesses and strategic partnerships to bring these to market, faster. In just two years, Rebecca has helped her team partner with start-ups in markets as diverse as transport, water, modular buildings and sustainability to nanomaterials, AR/VR, music technology and digital twins. Read more at: https://www.arup.com/our-firm/rebecca-birmingham

Petur Olafsoon is the founder of Onanoff, creating innovative audio products for diverse listening needs. Aptly named ONANOFF referencing the fundamental basic action of all electronics, the on and off button, the company represents what is basic and necessary for all users through the creation of easy-to-use essential gadget accessories. Focus is the world’s only headphones designed to optimize vocals, enhances speech, and minimizes listening fatigue. BuddyPhones Play +  eadphones for kids have 3 volume limiting levels to choose from to suit the child’s age or noisy surroundings. The patented StudyMode™ helps isolate voices from other sounds, producing crisper, clearer vocals for studying or watching lessons. BuddyPhones Cosmos premium foldable, over-ear kids headphones combine active noise-cancelling technology (ANC), 3 SafeAudio settings, StudyMode and a detachable boom microphone. Read more at: https://www.onanoff.com/

Anja Skodda is the founder of HappyBond, a dog food brand that is preservative-free & shelf-stable. Each jar is filled with premium, gently cooked, human-grade ingredients are sealed tightly for freshness. Refrigerate only after the “POP!” HappyBond has no fillers, no additives, no synthetic vitamins, no preservatives, and no refrigeration is needed. From the beginning and for forever, HappyBond insists on 360° transparency into the quality of source ingredients, processing & packaging. This clarity discerns the products and experiences that will increase the HealthSpan of caninekind. To give the love back and make the HAPPYBOND last longer. Read more at: https://happybond.com/