05-05-2024Entrepreneurs Innovating the Food Space: Shaping Our Culinary Future!, Episode #226

Our Presenters for Sunday, May 5, 2024 are Peter Kalkowski, Emma Bowe, Eugene Wang & Wendel Afonso

Join us as we delve into the tantalizing world of Shocken Foods where chefs turned entrepreneurs Peter Kalkowski and Emma Bowe share their journey from kitchen burnout to plant-based revolution. Discover the secrets behind their Michelin-inspired techniques, their unexpected love story, and how they turned a $1 bank balance into a $200,000 investment! Shocken Foods developed the world’s first plant pepperoni, able to withstand the hot pizza oven at 300 Celsius (572 Fahrenheit) and remain juicy & tender. They  also recreated famous deli classics, indulgent sandwich fillers like porchetta, bresaola, chorizo. Finally, they are delighted to present to you plant based foie gras & vegan nduja (Italian Calabrian sausage spread) – GREAT TASTE WINNER 2023. Shocken Foods works with highly nutritious ingredients like hemp, pumpkin & wheat, resulting in a better nutritional profile than regular meat. Shocken Foods has a robust growth roadmap for 2024, including a new range of hybrid products with cell cultivated fat and a stealth project with the most sustainable alternative protein on the planet. Read more at: https://www.shockenfoods.com/

Eugene Wang if the co-founder and CEO of Sophie’s Bionutrients, a B2B food technology company offering Food Grade Protein from Microalgae – a relatively new and unheard-of opportunity in alternative protein! Sophie’s Bionutrients grows microalgae in bioreactors and has recently expanded to Europe. The company created the world’s first allergen-free microalgae-based dairy alternatives and microalgae-based burger patties with its microalgae protein concentrate. Sophie’s Bionutrients has a proprietary strain of microalgae that can grow in a fermentation tank, be fed on various food waste, and can be harvested in just 3 days. The microalgae has 60% of protein which has high quality essential amino acids profile, exceeding WHO requirements for protein products. Sophie’s BioNutrients is a Foodtech 500 start-up and winner of the MassChallenge 2021. Read more at: https://sophiesbionutrients.com/

Wendel Afonso is the founder of Harmony Baby Nutrition, a baby formula built by parents, setting the new standard for family care, support, and nutrition. Harmony uses a cutting-edge biotechnology to create a formula naturally designed for humans. Del Alfonso created Harmony because he had a dream of better nutrition for his own children. Over the last 3 years, the company has grown to use science that brings the benefits of breast milk to babies worldwide.

Wendel has been creating specialty formulas for cow’s milk allergic babies for over 15 years. Starting in 2017 at MIT and its exceptional environment for biotechnology, Del has been perfecting Harmony’s science to produce breast milk components in a lab. His strategy has always been to pair nature and technology, bring innovation to the outdated baby nutrition industry, and to support that innovation with new standards of care for all babies and parents, with or without cow’s milk allergies. Read more at: https://harmonybabynutrition.com/