August 5th, 201908-04-2019: How to License Your Product with Inventor & Coach, Howie Busch, Episode #48

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, August 4th, is Howie Busch

Inventor, Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker & Attorney, Howie Busch has experienced success in a number of businesses and industries. In June of 2017, he launched a Kickstarter campaign for DudeRobe that fully funded in just 2 days. Within 1 week of starting the business, the head of casting for Shark Tank tweeted at him. Three months later he was pitching to the Sharks. At Billy Blaze Design, Mr. Busch designs and develops innovative products, which he typically licenses to leaders in that particular industry. Howie’s inventions include The On-Hand Pillow/World’s Smallest Travel Pillow sold in airports nationwide, Ugly Christmas Blankets™…perfect holiday gift for any hard to shop for person in your life, and Wall Wobblers, a sports & entertainment licensed bobblehead for your wall sold in Walmart & other stores. Additionally, Howie consults for and advises numerous companies and coaches individual inventors, leveraging his vast network of friends & colleagues to their mutual advantage. You can visit Howie at his website at: .

Our featured presenters for August 4th, 2019:

Elias Li with Fyllan, the only real-timesaving app available in the market today. With the Fyllan app users never have to wait in line for a seat at a restaurant! They choose a restaurant of their choice, make a deposit for their food to reserve their table and the deposit is deducted from the bill, at

Joshua Friedman and Voravong Nachampassak with Crew Me Up, the first on-demand marketplace connecting the people making movies. Users can hire a crew or join one and become part of a community of industry professionals, at

Garonne Decossard aka “Ronnie” with The Ronnie Shop, specializes in hair regrowth products which she has designed and developed with all natural and essential oils with moisturizing, sealing and restorative properties to soothe and stimulate the scalp, at

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