04-28-2024Entrpreneurs Growing Businesses to $100 Million with John St. Pierre + Others, Episode #225

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, April 28, 2024 is John St. Pierre

John St. Pierre is an accomplished entrepreneur, with a remarkable 25-year journey co-founding and growing successful businesses across various industries. John is not just an entrepreneur; he is a visionary leader who co-founded and scaled two companies to over $50M+ in global revenues. He is also the author, a Coach, & Co-host of Entrepreneurs United Podcast

John embarked on his entrepreneurial career while still in college, kick-starting his journey as a franchisee for College Pro Painters. John’s journey includes stints with HandymanOnline.com, WorldAtMyDoor, and the co-founding of Legacy Global Sports, BrandPoint Services, and Rhombus Group.

With Legacy Global Sports rapidly reaching $50M+ in global revenues and BrandPoint Services now a $100M+ enterprise, John has been a driving force in his companies’ success. His role as the majority owner and chairperson of Rhombus Group, a holding company comprising several small businesses, has allowed him to inspire other entrepreneurs and help them achieve their goals. John is also the author of “The 100M Journey: Your Guide To Growing The Business Of Your Dreams Without Going Off The Cliff!”, a book that shares the 7 principles for entrepreneurial success, proven strategies and insights on how to scale your business while avoiding costly pitfalls. Read more at: https://100mjourney.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters:

R.M. Easterly is the founder of the THYIM, a new revolutionary tech marketplace company meeting the needs of many. THYIM provides common indoor, outdoor, and roadside services to everyday people in 15 minutes or less such as tire changes, car jumpstart, home cleaning, trash removal, dog walking, pet grooming and snow removal. Simply download the THYIM App and sign-up to start requesting services within 15 Minutes. THYIM is We currently serve Lansing, Michigan, with plasn to expand to other cities in Michigan, Texas and Georgia soon.

The concept first came to R.M. over 5 years ago. R.M. was stranded on Interstate 96 in Novi, Michigan and contacted a roadside assistance provider – the service should have arrived within 60 minutes. This simply was not the case. After waiting for more than four hours in the middle of winter, the vehicle ran out of fuel. R.M. thought, “I just wish somebody, anybody, could bring me some gas!” In August 2022, R.M. spoke to a 92-year-old woman sitting on the side of the road waiting for a major roadside service company to assist her. There was a huge delay which resulted in the elderly woman soiling her garments and feeling too embarrassed to ask for further assistance. R.M. was instantly taken back to that experience on Interstate 96, of not having access to food, water, or a bathroom. These situations were the catalyst to get THYIM up and running and to ensure people received help safely and in an adequate amount of time. Read more at: https://www.thyim.com/

Justin Chen is the co-founder of PickFu, a do-it-yourself consumer research enterprise-level tool anyone can use to help you unlock consumer insights instantly! Connect to an on-demand panel of consumers giving honest opinions. Create polls to get feedback on your product designs, images and copy from people in your target market. In just minutes, you’ll get in-depth feedback on your creative ideas. Use these insights to help your business thrive. Pickfu has respondents in the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, Mexico and the UK. Quick turnaround means results in hours or less — a fraction of the time of traditional market research. Expect high-quality data every time. Not just numbers, but also written feedback you can trust.

In 2008, PickFu co-founders Justin Chen and John Li were working on another business. Whenever the two disagreed, they wanted a fast, informed way to break the tie. Being software engineers, they built it. While Justin and John focused on their other venture, PickFu sat on the back burner. But like all the best treasures on the internet, people discovered it. Customers used the polling platform and shared it with their friends. They found new and interesting ways to harness its power. And by listening to real people, the co-founders realized they had built something truly useful for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Since then, PickFu has grown to thousands of customers across industries like e-commerce, mobile app development, publishing, insurance, and marketing. PickFu users have gathered over 3 million responses to product features, logos, graphic design, user interfaces, copywriting, and so much more. Read more at: https://www.pickfu.com/