04-21-2024irewalking: Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with Dave Albin + Others, Rerun of Episode #213

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, April 21, 2024 is Dave Albin

Join us for an electrifying conversation as we sit down with the #1 Firewalk Instructor in America, Dave Ablin, founder of Firewalk Adventures, who transformed his life through a remarkable encounter – firewalking with Tony Robbins! Today, he empowers countless entrepreneurs and businesses to reach new heights by breaking and overcoming their fears with firewalking. Prepare to be inspired, as Dave shares how this paradigm-shifting experience can help you step into your own potential with unwavering strength! This interview will leave you ready to walk through the flames of your own success!

Firewalking is a 1,000 year old rite of passage ritual where you literally walk across hot burning coals. Having worked for Tony Robbins for 19+ years and starting Firewalk Productions in 2014 Dave has firewalked hundreds of thousands of people. He and Tony Robbins set a World Record in London in 2005 walking over 12,300 people. Dave’s clients include Googe, NASA, Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Heineken, RE Max, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Chick-fil-A, CRISP Video, Mystery Hill, Y.M.C.A., Replace Your University, Tony Robbins, T Harv Eker, NATE BAILEY, The 4-Seasons, The Omni Hotel, The Waldorf Astoria, Waikoloa Hotel, and MANY others. Read more at: https://firewalkadventures.com/

Our Entreprenuer Presenters:

Discover how Solobo Toys is revolutionizing playtime and learning for kids! We interview Courtney Peebles, co-founder of a Montessori-inspired educational children’s toy company. Both Courtney and her husband are neurodivergent, and their products are designed to emphasize simplicity while encouraging exceptional learning! Daniel is an ADHDer & Courtney is Autistic, ADHD, and OCD. They utilize sensory play, AAC, Montessori, and gentle parenting in their own family. They both feel it’s important to encourage a child’s individuality and meet them where they are. Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Family Therapists, and Teachers have found that using Solobo toys help target various developmental goals. Both parents and pediatric specialists see young children gravitate toward the toys and show excitement about learning through play. Children can easily spot the toys on a toy shelf because of their simplistic design and solid-colored tops. Read more at: https://www.solobotoys.com/

Join us in our next interview, a fascinating discussion with Alex Neist, founder of Hostage Tape! Discover the innovative mouth tape revolutionizing sleep quality. Learn why it’s called “Hostage Tape” and how it’s changing the game for better rest! Hostage Tape is strongest most comfortable mouth tape on the planet. Mouth tape promotes nose breathing…There is a science to it. This isn’t a plot to muffle your snoring to give your partner peace and quiet. (though, admittedly, it might be a happy side effect). It is time to shut down the snore factory and wake up feeling like the energizer bunny. Mouth taping also will decrease your dry mouth so you aren’t searching for water like you are in the Sahara desert. It actually improves your dental health. Hostage Tape ain’t your average run-of-the-mill, namby-pamby adhesive; it’s more like the Hulk of mouth tapes grabbing your face and holding your mouth shut. This tape is game for it all! It adheres to your face like a barnacle to a ship’s hull and stays there – all night long. Even the fiercest of lumberjack beards don’t stand a chance. But don’t be fooled by its Hulkish strength; it’s as comfortable as your favorite pair of silk boxers you wear when your wife isn’t home. Read more at: https://hostagetape.com/