04-07-2024Entrepreneurs Building Wealth Through Franchising with Gregory Mohr + Others, Episode #224

Our Featured Guest for April 7, 2024 is Gregory Mohr

Journey into the lucrative world of franchising with Gregory Mohr. From understanding the fundamentals to uncovering lesser-known opportunities, we explore how franchises offer a pathway to financial freedom and entrepreneurial success! Gregory Mohr is the Wall Street Journal Best Selling author of “Real Freedom, Why Franchises Are Worth Considering and How They Can Be Used For Building Wealth”, and has managed restaurants, been a micro-electric circuit engineer, owned and operated dry cleaners, storage units, rental properties, and franchises. Greg has helped hundreds of people invest in a few hundred franchise units.

Gregory is the founder of Franchise Maven and has been a Franchise Consultant for over 18 years. He started his work life in the restaurant industry. His first impression of franchising came straight out of high school, at a fast-food restaurant chain. He later managed a twenty-four-hour restaurant—another chain outlet but not a franchise. Seventeen years of restaurant management flew by before he earned degrees in electrical engineering and physics and became an engineer.

Greg climbed the corporate ladder, working in the semiconductor industry for about fifteen years. During this time, he earned an MBA specializing in management information systems. Doing so did not speed up his pace of climbing the ladder, as he had hoped. In the meantime, inspired by many business books, including Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, Greg purchased rental properties and found that he could manage them on the side while keeping his day job. As he loves to share, Greg eventually found himself laid off, and it was a blessing. He saw an opportunity and knew it was now or never. After working with a franchise consultant, he found a great fit after narrowing down his goals and criteria. He never looked back. Read more at: https://www.franchisemaven.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters:

Rene Mondy founded the first black-owned, post-divorce self-care box and registry, Dear John The Box, with handpicked products to show your friends a little love. With women in mind, Dear John creates products and therapy aids that offer women a sisterhood of self-love and connection after a breakup. It’s like having the support of your girlfriends delivered to your front door. Backed by therapy research, newly released therapy aids are offered uniquely in each box to help women through the rough breakup journey. Jewelry, fidget rings, crystals and candles have recently been added to aid you through your healing journey as you discover your next chapter of empowerment.

Rene is a licensed therapist and after her own divorce experience, Dear John The Box was born about 10 years ago as a divorce support group for women that met in various locations in Atlanta. The pandemic prompted a need to deliver a little love via mail. The self-care boxes have since evolved to include therapy aids, a shop, and registry to guide women in that next chapter.  Read more at: https://dearjohnthebox.com/

Na’Shya “Ceo Naay Moe” Donnelly-Johnson is the founder of Broken Baby Apparel, offering hoodies, tshirts, hats, track pants, sweat pants, bubble vests and more with Broken Baby designs. Na’Shya is a rap artist and established the brand in 2018 in Bloomington Illinois. The design started out as just the words “Broken Baby”, and the crying baby was added later giving the design a memorable logo. What does “Broken Baby” mean? Na’shya has been through a lot in her young life, and the brand was created as she worked through her emotions and feelings resulting from different struggles she’s dealt with over the years. She was diagnosed with bi-polar at a young age which created the vision for the “baby” image. She tried different ways to cope with her struggles and initially found the perfect outlet, in music, to help her express her feelings, however, she always had a desire to pursue a career in graphic design as well. Along with her regular high school classes, she also took college courses to perfect her designing talent. Using these skills, she created her crying baby logo, turning her brand into something bigger.

Broken Baby Apparel is growing its brand every day and will soon expand to more than just clothing. The brand now has a mural in Phoenix, Arizona, dedicated to mental health and suicide awareness that displays a list of names that have lost their life to the cause. “From one survivor to another, We all have a story to tell,….and I hope, allowing myself to be vulnerable, and tell my story will not only inspire others who deal with something similar, but also encourage them to tell theirs”, says Na’Shya. Read more at: https://shopbrokenbabyapparel.com/