May 6th, 201905-05-2019: Launch and Grow Your Business on Amazon with Amazon Selling Expert, Shannon Roddy, Episode #36


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Our featured guest for Sunday, May 5th is Shannon Roddy

Our featured guest for Sunday, May 5th 2019 is Shannon Roddy!

Shannon Roddy is an Amazon consultant and the founder of Marketplace Seller Courses, an online course designed to help Amazon sellers make the most of their Amazon selling experience. He has worked with over 85 brands, manufacturers and private labels to setup, optimize and launch their products on Amazon. The course was built on 6+ years of Amazon consulting knowledge that helped launch over 23 #1 New Releases, 4 #1 Best Sellers and 25 Amazon Choice Products. 
You can visit his website at www. 

Visit the pitch presenters for May 5th at their websites: 

Jaime Frand with Kangaroo Oral Care, which created a unique all-in-one oral hygiene teaching tool for kids. They have combined a variety of oral care tools into one convenient and kid-friendly package to help make brushing easy and fun for children of all ages at

Helen Lawler with FINspiration, a strategic marketing firm with specializations in brand design, market research, financial data insights, media relations, digital marketing and display advertising specifically for the financial, insurance, accounting, brokerage and real estate industries at

Mike Thomas with Masterpiece Corp., a marketing and distribution company that is designed to take products and services from incubation to market and maturity, providing a variety of Internet, Social Media and Promotion that’s designed to expose products and services to the masses at

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