03-26-2023Tales of a Celebrity Makeup Artist with Christina Flach, Episode #196

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, March 26, 2023 is Christina Flach

Christina Flach is a celebrity hair and makeup artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. After starting her career in 1995, she founded her own makeup line, Pretty Girl Makeup, and has acquired many notable clientele. She has worked with many major television networks, celebrities, designers, department stores, magazines, and big name brands. She is an expert at creating looks that allow her clients natural beauty to shine through by making every client feel like the best version of themselves on the inside and the outside. In addition to her career as a makeup artist, Christina is a philanthropist, a beauty expert on NBC’s CA Live, and a guest on a variety of podcasts. Christina is represented by Ford Artists NYC, LA, & Miami and is available for travel worldwide. Read more at: https://www.christinaflach.com/

Christina is also the founder of Pretty Girl Makeup, founded in 1996. As an avid makeup lover, Christina was always looking for the best products for herself and her clients. One product she could never track down was a high quality lip gloss that would last throughout her busiest days. Every gloss she tried would seemingly disappear within an hour of application or a sip of water. After trying dozens of products, Christina decided to fix the problem herself. After a year of formulation, Pretty Girl Makeup was born. Pretty Girl Makeup lip gloss is anti-aging, moisturizing, formulated to last all day long, vegan and cruelty-free. Each gloss contains high quality ingredients that will not only look good on you, but be good for you. Read more at: https://www.prettygirlmakeup.com/

In addition to her career, she is a devoted single mother of four, philanthropist, actively raising funds and awareness for Sepsis. She also started the Beau Friedman outdoor classroom at the Edna McGuire school in Mill Valley, California, raising money for the Baby Beau and Ken Flach educational funds at the Northern Light School in Oakland California. Christina uses her platform to promote the importance of feeling beautiful from the inside out. She inspires women to be the best version of themselves and how to overcome life’s greatest obstacles.

Our Entrepreneur Presenter for March 26, 2023:

Shaon Berry is the founder and CEO of Metro Esports, a brand that creates and produces both virtual and live esports recreation events and technology-based education programming. Their full suite of digital, social, mobile and live activities are designed to attract, engage and educate a broader and more diverse group of gaming and technology enthusiasts. Metro Esports gaming lounges are equipped with high-end technical resources and a professional gaming support staff to help you have a safe, quality gaming experience just like your favorite streamers and content creators! The newest location of Metro Esports Game Lounge is located at the YMCA in Doylestown, PA. A state-of-the-art gaming space, including PCs, Xbox Series X, PS5, Nintendo Switch OLED, and more! The Doylestown YMCA Metro Gaming Lounge is a center for STEM and esports education for gamers interested in building, programming, and designing the games that they like to play. Metro Esports partners with organizations like The YMCA, Verizon, Microsoft, Riot Games, Logitech, and others to feature Gaming, Tech. Education & Content Creation studios with new locations on campus at Lincoln University, Largo Maryland, and NW Washington D.C. Read more at: https://metroesports.gg