March 15th, 202003-15-2020: Communication in Business & Trade in the Time of Corona with Liz Goll Lerner & Josh Scharf, Episode #70

Listen to the podcast on the YouTube video above.

Liz Goll Lerner from Your Inspired Choices, LLC, is a psychotherapist, life coach and art therapist. Her ability to swiftly identify core issues and facilitate the “ah-ha” moment, empowers her clients to heal and to take action in new and profound ways. With over 30 years in practice, Liz is a thought leader in the fields of counseling and coaching and has developed numerous highly respected programs for both her own practice and for health centers across the nation. As a psychotherapist, life coach and art therapist, Liz is known for getting results through gentle encouragement, creative techniques, sensitivity and compassion. Read more about her psychotherapy practice at:

Josh Scharf is a China Manufacturing Expert and gives his insights on how the factories work in China and why the Corona Virus it affecting trade.

Featured Pitch Presenters:

Marc Goldner is the founder and CEO of Golden Bell Studios, an entertainment company focused on Comics, Animation, Children’s Books, Games, Stuffed Animals, and much much more. The CSR is centered around “Comics for Change” – a mission to bring entertainment to every part of the world where it’s lacking, and “Comics for a Cure” is a traveling gallery exhibition housing all the original art from Golden Bell’s The Sunday Comics, at

Paul Kandle is the President and CEO of Boast Groupware, a BizOps platform that gets businesses running smoothly through a powerful, streamlined and integrated, single cloud-based platform that gives access to entire businesses from any location, at

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