02-18-2024Entrepreneurs Mastering a Positive Mindset: Daily Habits for Success with Niyc Pidgeon + Others, Episode #222

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, February 18, 2024 is Niyc Pidgeon

Join us for an electrifying episode as we dive into the world of positive psychology and entrepreneurial triumph with special guest Niyc Pidgeon. Niyc Pidgeon is a Triple Certified Coach, Leading Business Mentor, Award Winning Positive Psychologist MSc, Award-Winning Hay House Author, International Speaker, Trailblazer – and Geordie in LA. She’s the founder of global online training brand Unstoppable Success®, Creator of the Positive Psychology Coach Academy Certification® and she’s been leading world class masterminds, in person events, and luxury retreats for the last decade. Niyc is committed to supporting you in your next level breakthrough to create big results, powerful transformations, and lasting positive change. From strategies to prioritize health and overcome fear to anecdotes of rubbing shoulders with icons like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, Nick’s journey inspires and empowers us to embrace optimism, take bold risks, and carve our path to greatness. Don’t miss this transformative conversation on turning passion into profit and living life to the fullest! 

Niyc’s goal is to help you expand your brand, enhance your success, accomplish your business objectives, and for you to be able to assist others in doing the same. Whether you’re aiming to achieve business milestones, launch a new venture, or pursue other aspirations, Unstoppable Success® offers in person and virtual events, one-on-one coaching, and training systems that can help you bridge the gap between your current situation and your desired outcome. Her proven track record includes clients who have achieved over $50 million dollars in revenue and attained the lifestyle they desire.

Niyc is the author of the #1 award-winning, best-selling book Now Is Your Chance, which gives you 30 straightforward, actionable ways to help yourself and even your clients do just that. She is also the host of Unstoppable Success podcast – Get ready for next level breakthroughs as we get into those deep conversations to reveal the systems, marketing and mindset you need to have the impact you dream of. Read more at: https://www.niycpidgeon.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters:

Herman Dolce is  a multi-business mogul with over 10 years of experience in the credit industry and the founder of Bella Sloan Enterprises, a financial literacy company specializing in credit repair services. His growing success has allowed him to work with well over 300+ small businesses in credit, trucking, and more. Herman is joined by Bella Sloan’s CEO Demaris Long. Bella Sloan helps credit bruised clients back on the road to stress-free financials. They have proven abilities in funding start-ups and medium-sized companies while at the same time helping them achieve exponential growth. Their goal is simple: help their clients get the best credit possible so that they can do the things they want to. Credit repair services involves removing questionable items that cause credit scores to go down. When this information is removed it can in turn help reduce interest rates, help make the purchases needed, or even improve eligibility in an interview or on a rental application. Read more at: https://www.bellasloanllc.com/

Kimberly Currie is a master esthetician, acne specialist, skin educator and the founder of curator of OUI Beauty, offering a skincare line made in the USA, paraben-free, vegan, cruelty-free & EU compliant. OUI products are the culmination of years of dedication and love. Each one is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional results for those with sensitive or problematic skin while embracing clean, vegan and cruelty-free values. The cutting-edge formulations, backed by years of research and innovation, have garnered the trust from beauty enthusiasts and experts alike. The formulation journey of OUI Beauty was driven by a singular objective: to develop a product that combined extraordinary effectiveness with utmost gentleness for sensitive skin. She also founded the OUI Beauty Studio and Spa, and started Pittsburgh’s first acne treatment clinic. Her upcoming book will be released in April. Read more at: https://www.ouicosmetics.com/