02-12-2023Communicate Confidently in the Workplace with Karen Laos, Episode #191

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, February 12, 2023 is Karen Laos

Karen Laos Communication Expert and Confidence Cultivator, teaches women leaders how to speak up with confidence and receive what they want in the boardroom and beyond. Karen is fiercely committed to her mission of eradicating self-doubt in 10 million women, transforming missed opportunities into negotiation wins, promotions, and more business. Karen has over 30 years of coaching experience and is a world-renowned Communication Keynote Speaker and Facilitator, guiding corporations and individuals through her tested model, creating meaningful transformation. She also has a waiting list for her much anticipated online course on speaking with confidence.

Industry giants such as AT&T, Facebook, Google, NASA, Netflix, Pfizer, Sony, Uber, Yahoo trust her to equip their teams with the confidence to negotiate like a mogul and the skills to communicate as an influential leader. Her straightforward talks deliver strategy combined with her proven communication process, and consistently generate long-lasting results by transforming self-doubt and missed opportunities into empowered growth, more clients, job promotions and negotiation wins. With 25 years serving as C-Suite advisor and commanding the most coveted stages around the world such as Google and NASA, Karen leads the frontline of best practices for creating results through confident communication.

During her corporate career, she led a team of facilitators while traveling the globe consulting industry leaders and teams on the seemingly soft skills that ultimately impact the bottom line. Karen has worked with giants such as Starbucks, Uber, and Charles Schwab.

Karen is the author of Trust Your Own Voice: Growing Your Influence Through Confident Communication, as well as the host of her highly ranked podcast Ignite Your Confidence, equipping women to stop holding back and start taking their seat at the table. Read more at: https://karenlaos.com

Our Entrepreneur Presenters for February 12, 2023:

Tsikki Thau is an Internationally acclaimed Author, Meditation, and Stress Management expert, with over 30 years of experience worldwide. Tsikki Thau is considered a foremost authority in mind-over-body techniques, merging science with holistic methods in order to overcome stress related obstacles. A featured expert on Fox 5 ‘The More Show”, Channel 13, Channel 3, Live to Give TV, Edutainment TV, The Ed Bernstein Show, Spotlight on Vegas Business, P.O.W.E.R. Magazine, MyVegas Magazine, and Real Vegas Magazine. 

Tsikki is the visionary behind S.N.A.P. – an instant stress relief method, The Will Power Seminar, and Vibe-Up, all proven, scientifically-based technologies designed to reprogram the mind to a achieve a positive state of being. Tsikki’s mentorship and guidance has transformed the lives of clients of all ages, worldwide. She offers private Transformation Sessions which combines energy psychology, intuitive transformation, and self-introspection to create harmony and inner balance. She also offers Feng Shui for Real-Estate, Home & Business. Tsikki’s ultimate vision is to implement a stress management and meditation curriculum in education systems and corporations worldwide to eliminate stress and anxiety and promote positive ways of thinking.

Tsikki is the celebrated Author of, ‘Color Me Love’, a passion project created in partnership with her children, designed to alleviate stress in kids and promote communication through color. She wholeheartedly believes that children are the foundation upon which global transformation can be achieved. Read more at: https://www.tsikkithau.com/

Morgan Hancock is the founder of Bourbon with Heart, Kentucky’s first and only arts-focused bourbon charity. Whether it’s dance, design, music, photography, theatre, or crafting a delicious bourbon blend, Bourbon with Heart deeply appreciates art in all its various forms. Bourbon with Heart believes art, like a good glass of bourbon, brings people together and encourages self-expression. With a strong desire to see Kentucky’s thriving arts culture continue (and grow), Bourbon with Heart is distilling ART right into the heART of its mission. Bourbon with Heart’s mission is to leverage the influence and popularity of Bourbon to raise funds for local charities while also providing a first-class arts experience for Kentuckians regardless of age, race, class, gender, or ability. 

The Inaugural “Barrels of Heart” bourbon barrel art exhibit is coming soon to Louisville, Kentucky. The exhibit will be displayed at Frazier Kentucky History Museum starting February 2023. It will feature twenty custom-painted bourbon barrels decorated by local artists & sponsored by your favorite bourbon brands and local companies. Each barrel artist brings their unique background to the exhibit – with artists ranging in age from 18 to 65, diverse ethnicities, varying levels of experience from award-winning professionals to hobbyists, and artists with disabilities.  During the eight-week exhibit, the public will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite custom-painted barrel. The winning artist will be awarded a cash prize and a donation to the charity of their choice. The remaining proceeds will be donated to local non-profits. Read more at: https://bourbonwithheart.org/