02-04-2024Entrepreneurs: AI in Public Relations is a Game Changer with Paula Phelan + Others, Episode #221

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, February 4, 2024 is Paula Phelan

Paula Phelan, founder of Nadel Phelan and advisor for global AI solutions uncovers the transformative power of AI in the Public Relations landscape. From its role in redefining marketing strategies to its impact on startup funding, Paula sheds light on the evolving dynamics. Amid discussions on the potential risks and regulations, we explore how AI, like the genie out of the bottle, is changing the game. Discover the magic of AI in crafting personalized, data-driven PR strategies and the key to staying authentic in a world where truth is the ultimate PR storm!

Paula is a visionary leader and seasoned entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience bringing disruptive technologies to market. Her expertise spans cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, 5G, and quantum technologies, and she boasts a track record of facilitating successful exits for approximately 150 companies. Paula’s influence extends to the PR industry, where she’s spearheading a revolution by seamlessly integrating AI into every facet of the PR process. This innovation has significantly enhanced efficiency and results. Nadel Phelan has provided marketing and public relations support for a roster of B2B clients ranging from venerable industry giants to innovative start-ups for three decades. Read more at: https://nadelphelan.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenter:

Music Producer Steven Gobern, founder of Steam Worldwide Music, takes us on a musical odyssey from reggae to afro beats, showcasing how genres have blurred into a melting pot of feel-good tunes. Steven unveils the secrets behind navigating the ever-evolving music industry, incorporating AI into his productions, and staying afloat amidst the digital revolution. From the importance of sync licensing and the power of social media to the entrepreneurial spirit required for a musician’s success, Steven shares his insights on creating quality content in an oversaturated music landscape. Read more at: https://www.instagram.com/steamworldwide/