01–28-2024Become a TV Shopping Network Super Seller with Victoria Wieck, Rerun of Episode #182

Our Featured Guest for Sunday, January 28, 2024 is Victoria Wieck

Victoria Wieck is a world-renowned jewelry designer, author, the host of “The Million Dollar Hobbies” podcast and a TV shopping Celeb. Victoria built a $500 million business – the ultimate rags to riches story! Victoria is an immigrant from South Korea, and a mother, and attained the American Dream while prioritizing her family time. In 1989 she formed her own company on a shoestring budget. Over the next three decades, her jewelry career allowed her to travel to many places she’d only read about ever since she was a young girl. She has dealt with a wide variety of distribution partners, vendors, and millions of customers from 35 + countries around the world. From 1998 until 2017, Victoria was on HSN sharing her unique jewelry designs with millions of viewers with her monthly shows. Today she has her own show on ShopHQ, connecting with millions of viewers regularly. Recently, Victoria’s latest book, The Million Dollar Passion got sold to a medium sized publisher. Victoria is also the author of “Shattered Sky”, a 94,000-word, Science Fiction/Young Adult Thriller. Read more at: https://victoriawieck.com/

Our Entrepreneur Presenters:

Anita Swetman is a beauty and massage therapist to the stars and author of the book “No Ordinary Girl”. Her book is her own story  of how a shy, introverted, ordinary girl who had absolutely no belief in herself overcame obstacles, bereavements and tragedies to become a national-multi-gold-award-winning beauty therapist and massage therapist to the stars! Anita’s story about some of her life achievements and what she went through, inspires the belief that anything is possible! Self-confidence, courage and the mindset of trying proves that good and greater things can happen. So ask yourself: Do you feel you have got what it takes to become an extraordinary person and change the course of your future? If not, then you need to read this book! Anita wrote the book to inspire women who lack self-belief and introverted people on how to improve their mindset and confidence to reach out for their dream career. One small step can make a huge difference to your life as she learned many years ago when working in a corporate career: one small step that eventually saw her become a national-multi-gold-award winning beauty therapist, CEO of her own beauty business, and massage therapist to celebrities. Read more at: https://anitaswetman.com/

Andrew Strafaci is the founder of Cyndrom, a start-up action sports brand from the Jersey Shore, offering hats, hoodies, sweatshirts and t-shirts. Cyndrom is “Born from a Love of Action Sports” (skateboarding, water sports, snowboarding, surfing, etc.). Created from a lifetime immersed in the culture of boardriders, Cyndrom is primed to seize the advantage of a changing industry and become the next leading action sports brand. Whether you love riding a board, bike or ski, Cyndrom products are designed with classic comfort, modern style, and quality durability to endure your lifestyle and fuel your creativity. Read more at: https://cyndrom.com/