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08-02-2020: “I, Me, My” to a “You” Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy with Joe Sullivan, Founder of Gorilla 76, Episode #78

Our featured guest speaker this week is Joe Sullivan, the founder of Gorilla 76, an industrial marketing agency for B2B manufacturers and our featured presenters include Paul Cunningham with Leatherhead Sports, Cheryl Poldrugach with Panic Aide, and Beth Nydick, a Business & Publicity Strategist.

07-26-2020: Financial Resources for Small to Medium Businesses & More with Gene Marks, Small Business Expert, Episode #77

Our featured guest speaker this week is CRM and Small Business Expert, Gene Marks and our featured presenters include Anita Comisky with Amelia’s Toffee Company, Jess Zaino with Ahmni Co, and Marty and Brent Mickelson with GoChuckle.

07-19-2020: From Idea to Popular Product – An Entrepreneur’s Journey with Rob Angel, Inventor of Pictionary, Episode #76

Our featured guest speaker this week is the inventor of Pictionary, Rob Angel, and our featured presenters include Stacey Blume with ElastaFuse Technology, Erik the Reptile Guy Callender with Erik’s Reptile Edventures, and Shanna Truffini with You Are a Gardener.

07-12-2020: How to Position Yourself in the Media with Celebrity Entrepreneur, Clint Arthur, Episode #75

Our featured guest speaker this week is Clint Arthur, celebrity entrepreneur, and our featured presenters include Ash Seddeek with Trustscore.io, Dara Weislo with The Blurbb Spot,, and Brian Asingia with DreamGalaxy TV.

07-05-2020: Careers for Psychic Mediums & Healers with Artie Hoffman from the Angels and Answers Show, Re-Run of Episode #026

Our featured guest this week was Artie Hoffman, master psychic medium and spiritual advisor, and our featured presenters included Thomas Sheil with Uneepi, Valerie Donohue with ChatterBoss, and Elizabeth Madmani with Wellvyl.

06-28-20: The Most Important Actions for Growing a Business with the Principal from MA33 Strategies, Marc Alterman, Episode #74

This week, our featured guest speaker is the founder of MA33 Strategies, Marc Alterman. Our Executive Spotlight is Ben Ziomek, Co-Founder and CTO of Actuate AI. Our Featured Presenters are Natalia Barr with Empowered Cookie and Shari Hammond with Inspired Product Development Grp.

06-21-20: The Benefits of Meditation During Crises and in Normal Life, with Founder of Muse, Ariel Garten, Episode #73

This week, our featured guest speaker is the founder of Muse, Ariel Garten. Our Featured Presenters are Antonia Tamao with Antonia’s Promise, Eric Chessen with Autism Fitness and Mark Lassoff with Framework TV.

06-14-20: The Most Important Thing to Make Sure is in Your License Agreement with Inventor & Coach Howie Busch, Episode #72

This week, our featured guest speaker is inventor and coach, Howie Busch. Our Featured Presenters are Geralyn Breig with Anytownusa.com, Twanita Dozier with Boss Up Magazine and Nadia Ameri with The Flower Apothecary.

06-07-2020: Discovering How A Talent Can Build Your Business with Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur Raven Magwood, Re-Run of Episode #69

This week, our featured guest speaker is Raven Magwood, Motivational Speaker, and our featured Executive Spotlight is Robin Orrell from the Grand Summit Hotel, in Summit, NJ. Our Featured Presenters are James Peteet with CoupleUp and Elizabeth Jennings with Carolina Eye Candy.

05-31-20: What Every Entrepreneur Needs with James Ledbetter, Editor-in-Chief of Inc. Magazine, Re-Run of Episode #1

Our featured guest this week was James Ledbetter, and our presenters included Dave Sharma from Perfitly, Omar Isaac from Sidekicks Co., and Jurgen Beneke from Dahangar.

05-24-2020, Digitizing the Real Estate Buying Experience with Thomas Kutzman, Co-Founder of Prevu, Re-run of Episode #67

This week, our featured guest is Thomas Kutzman, Co-Founder of Prevu. Our Featured Presenters were Robin Hoy from Puroclean, Cliff Fetner from Soil Connect and Janet Ryan from SpectraSpray.

05-17-2020, Virtual Networking with Sid Vaidya from Switch Events & Public Speaking Online with Kerry Barrett, Episode #71

This week our featured guests were Sid Vaidya, founder of Switch Events, a site for virtual networking and Kerry Barrett, from Kerry Barrett Consulting, providing public speaking and media presentation strategy consulting. Elizabeth Gearhart, Passage to Profit show host introduces her new online video directory service, Fireside.

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