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04-18-2021: Dr. Gilda Carle, Relationship Strategist & Len Green, Successful Entrepreneur & Philanthropist, Re-Run of Episode #99

Our featured guest speaker this week is Dr. Gilda Carle, relationship strategist and performance coach and on the executive spotlight is Len Green, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist and founder and chairman of The Green Group. Our featured presenters include Marc Canter, founder of Instigate.ai and Arthur Lih, founder of LifeVac.

04-11-2021: Creating the TV Show “Chopped” with Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Dave Noll, Episode #110

Our featured guest speaker this week is Dave Noll, the producer of the TV show “Chopped” and 50+ other shows. Our entrepreneur presenters are Josh Goodman, founder of Pour My Beer, Evan Boyd and Arielle Crawford from Bioromper and Louie Torres, founder of Unleashed Marketing.

04-04-2021: The Evolution of Safe Home Drinking Water Test Kits with Chris Myers, Episode #109

Our featured guest speaker this week is Chris Myers, founder of Environmental Testing Laboratories, Inc. and inventor of Safe Home Drinking Water Test Kits. On the executive spotlight is Pavita Howe, Director of Entrepreneurship at Rutgers University. Our entrepreneur presenters are Dr. Juan Salinas, inventor of Pnuff and Richard Squires, founder and writer for Life Story Memoirs.

03-28-2021: Budsies: Building an International Toy Brand with Alex Furmansky, Episode #108

Our featured guest speaker this week is Alex Furmansky, the founder Budsies, Selfies, Petsies and Stuffed Animal Pros. Our entrepreneur presenters are Sarah Brandow, co-founder and Chief Nutritionist at Vitabowl and Lisa Caprelli, author and director of Unicorn Jazz books and “The Thing I Do” kids tv show.

03-21-2021: Celebrity Product Placement and Other Sales Strategies with Sarah Shaw, Episode #107

Our featured guest speaker this week is Sarah Shaw, celebrity designer and founder of Sarah Shaw Consulting. Our entrepreneur presenters are Bernard Law and Angie Tran, inventors of Kind Laundry, Sam Caucci, founder of 1Huddle and Michele Joseph, founder of SGAP Leaders.

03-14-2021: Building the Online Travel Industry with the Founder of Kayak & Travelocity, Terry Jones, Episode #106

Our featured guest speaker this week is Terry Jones, founder of Kayak and Travelocity, author and keynote speaker. Our entrepreneur presenters are serial inventor Brian Fried, inventor of The Paper Towel Topper and many other products, Lauren Dennis, founder of The Artbox Academy and Robert Ciampi, psychotherapist in New Jersey.

03-07-2021: Redefining Wellness For Career Success with Ash Kumra, Episode #105

Our featured guest speaker this week is Ash Kumra, wellness entrepreneur, national radio host and top ranked performance and personal branding coach. On the executive spotlight is Kristina Henderson, current Mrs. New Jersey American and founder of Henderson Promos. Our entrepreneur presenter is Hirsch Chinn, inventor of Bond Sanitizer.

02-28-2021: Smart Financial Planning for Businesses with the Founder of Heritage Investors & Financially Simple, Justin Goodbread, Episode #104

Our featured guest speaker this week is Justin Goodbread, founder of Heritage Investors and Financially Simple. Our featured presenters are Jessica Meyrowitz, founder of It’s a Yummy and David Mulford, inventor of Fur Baby Flashlights.

02-21-21: Entrepreneurism in the Online Music Space with the Founder of Soundtrack Your Brand & Beats Music, Ola Sars, Episode #103

Our featured guest speaker this week is Ola Sars founder of Soundtrack Your Brand and Beats Music. Our featured presenters are Ricky Lavina, founder of Taxfyle and Joanne Ruse, founder of Yogi Fitness Mat.

02-14-2021: Angel Investing – Getting Your Startup Funded the Co-Founder of Westchester Angels, Sandy Wollman, Episode #102

Our featured guest speaker this week is Sandy Wollman, Co-Founder of Westchester Angels. Our featured presenters are Brianne Cohen, founder of Brianne Cohen Wine Education & Event Production, Kathryn Kelly, founder of Taste Buzz Food Tours in Las Vegas and Alysha Myronuk, founder of That’s Myrony Mentoring and Podcast.

02-07-2021: How to Implement Cause Marketing in Your Business with the Founder of Rosica Communications, Chris Rosica, Episode #101

Our featured guest speaker this week is Chris Rosica founder of Rosica Communications and our Executive Spotlight speaker is Michelle Ricketts. Our featured presenters are Tata Tickaradze, founder of Barter & Be and Jordan Bolebruch, founder of The Aftermask.

01-31-2021: The Inventress, Lisa Ascolese Helps Us Celebrate Our 100th Episode

Our featured guest speaker this week is The Inventress, Lisa Ascolese founder of Inventing A-Z and AOWIE and our featured presenters are Bongai Mhloyi, founder of American & African Youth Leadership Foundation, Michael Bleau, founder of EventHub and Heather Marianna, founder of Beauty Kitchen.

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