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05-24-2020, Digitizing the Real Estate Buying Experience with Thomas Kutzman, Co-Founder of Prevu, Re-run of Episode #67

This week, our featured guest is Thomas Kutzman, Co-Founder of Prevu. Our Featured Presenters were Robin Hoy from Puroclean, Cliff Fetner from Soil Connect and Janet Ryan from SpectraSpray.

05-17-2020, Virtual Networking with Sid Vaidya from Switch Events & Public Speaking Online with Kerry Barrett, Episode #71

This week our featured guests were Sid Vaidya, founder of Switch Events, a site for virtual networking and Kerry Barrett, from Kerry Barrett Consulting, providing public speaking and media presentation strategy consulting. Elizabeth Gearhart, Passage to Profit show host introduces her new online video directory service, Fireside.

05-10-2020: How to License Your Product with Inventor & Coach, Howie Busch, Re-Run of Episode #48

This week our featured guest was Howie Busch, celebrated inventor and entrepreneur of Billy Blaze Design and who founded DudeRobe. Our featured presenters included Elias Li with Fyllan, Joshua Friedman and Voravong Nachampassak with Crew Me Up, and Garonne Decossard aka “Ronnie” with The Ronnie Shop.

04-26-2020: Product Development with Founder and CEO of 10XBeta, Marcel Botha, Re-Run of Episode #24

Our featured guest this week was Marcel Botha, founder and CEO of 10XBeta, and our featured presenters included Rashad Doctor with Handmats, Jenny Katafigiotis with Weight Wellness Center, and Marie Joseph of Bested.

04-19-2020: Making it in the Entertainment Industry with TV/Film Writer & Producer, Andy Breckman, Re-Run of Episode #2

Our featured guest this week was Andy Breckman, and our presenters’ products included The Toy Tamer, Aerodefense, and Glamazon Beauty Cosmetics.

04-12-2020: Passage to Profit Show with Rick Genzer from Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Re-Run on Episode #40

This week’s featured guest is Rick Genzer, Director of Investments for Information Technology at Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and our pitch presenters included Eric Bryant with Gnosis Media Group, Yvette Long with Platinum Minds, and Kiran Karidi with CodeBot.

04-05-2020: Tips on Getting Your Product to Market with “The Inventress”, Lisa Ascolese, Re-Run of Episode #11

Our featured guest this week was Lisa Ascolese, and our featured pitch presenters included Kevin Edwards with Real Leaders, Jarrod Colacino with The Stopper Buddy, and Christopher David with UR Scent.

03-29-2020: Building a Successful Company and Partnering with Investors with Ariel Garten, Re-Run of Episode #55

This week our featured guest was Ariel Garten, neuroscientist and co-founder of InteraXon, makers of the Muse brain-sensing headband. Our featured presenters were Mariano Martinez with J-Dove Productions and Nando Rodriguez with Nandoism.

03-22-2020: Launch and Grow Your Business on Amazon with Amazon Selling Expert, Shannon Roddy, Re-Run of Episode #36

This week we are happy to have Shannon Roddy of Marketplace Seller Courses as our featured guest, and our featured presenters included Jaime Frand with Kangaroo Oral Care, Helen Lawler with FINspiration, and Mike Thomas with Masterpiece Corp.

03-15-2020: Communication in Business & Trade in the Time of Corona with Liz Goll Lerner & Josh Scharf, Episode #70

This week, our featured Guest Speaker is Liz Goll Lerner, psychotherapist from Your Inspired Choices, LLC and our featured Executive Spotlight is China Manufacturing Expert, Josh Sharf. Our Featured Presenters are Marc Goldner with Golden Bell Studios and Paul Kandle with Boast Groupware.

03-08-2020: Employee Training & Skills Development Through Games with CEO of 1Huddle, Sam Caucci, Re-Run of Episode #38

This week our featured guests were CEO of 1Huddle, Sam Caucci and our Executive Spotlight is the founder of SGAP Leaders (Student Global Ambassador Program), Michele Joseph. Our featured presenters included Zula Oliveira with SGAP Leaders and Brandon Persaud with KB Operation Hope.

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