Producer of the Passage to Profit Show

Noah Fleischman is the incredibly talented producer behind the Passage to Profit show. Noah began his induction into talk radio at no less than a formidable age….”hearing Long John Nebel out of my folks’ clock radios late at night….”  Since then, he has served for over twenty-five years at WOR and for various networks as broadcast facilitator for innumerable industrialists, physicians, and people of all business realms.  But after so many years of predictable and mostly functional recipes, he says, “Passage To Profit I knew would be something different altogether.  Of course, I didn’t know it until I accepted an invitation to a first-time meeting with an engaging media expert named Kenya Gipson, and a delightful law office duo named Richard and Elizabeth Gearhart.  I listened to them discuss how they just wanted to ‘do Shark Tank‘, and within ninety seconds of all this I was certain……..we’ve got our own gem right here!  It would take work, and it did, for all of us. But that’s the focus it takes.  There’s no shortcuts….”   Of the shows rapid success at home and abroad, Noah says, “No better time could Passage To Profit have arrived, amidst rapid-changing technology and consumerism, as well as an economy literally forcing civilians to act upon their entrepreneuring inspiration……..Whether it’s radio, podcasts or ‘platforms’ offering an hour of discussion, only one thing will make it work, and that’s intelligent, engaging and relatable talk.   It’s a tough combination lock, and Passage To Profit has that combination…”